This quick HIIT workout from trainer Jenny Schatzle works multiple muscle groups while elevating your heart rate. It follows the “Every Minute on the Minute” formula: start at the top of the minute. If the circuit takes you 40 seconds to complete, take 20 seconds of rest. You’ll do 8 rounds in 8 minutes; each round try to stay at or beat your best effort.

The workout

Warmup (2 min.):

  • Jumping jack (30 sec.)
  • Squat (30 sec.)
  • Plank (30 sec.)
  • Crunch (30 sec.)

EMOM routine (8 min.):

  • Side Lunge (5x per side)
  • Mountain Climber (10x)
  • Pop-up (burpee w/o pushup) (10x)