The following two quad-searing workouts come courtesy of two accomplished fitness experts. They are Juliana Malacarne, a three-time Olympia physique champ, and Tana Ashlee, a personal trainer and online coach. They swear by these routines, and have offered instruction on how to execute them to perfection.


“This routine is excellent for targeting your entire quad area, but especially the vastus medialis, or ‘teardrop’ muscle. The combo of compound and isolation movements hits the lower quad and gives an excellent pump, helping to make the VMO bigger and more shapely.”

Leg extension – Warm up with two light sets. Add weight for a difficult 15 reps with full range of motion, and squeeze at top position with legs fully extended. Continue to add weight for pyramid sets of 12, 10, 8, and 6 reps.

Smith machine front squat – (4 x 12)

Unilateral legs extension –  (3 x 15 each leg; no rest in between sets) Keep toes pointed out.

Hack squat – (3 x 15)

Dumbbell lunge – (3 x 20 each leg)