WORKOUT BY: Gennifer Strobo, IFBB Pro and Cofounder of Bombshell Fitness

Complete 1 set of each exercise in the superset. Once all sets are completed for the superset, rest 1 min., then begin the next superset of same combo 4 times through. You can use only body weight or add weight. This is a great hotel room workout.

  • Superset with Walking Lunge 4×15 (each leg)

2. Split Squat with back leg on chair or bench 4×10 (each leg)

  • Superset with Single-leg Stiff-leg Deadlift 4×10 (each leg)

3. Jump Squats 4×20

  • Superset with Squat Hold 4×30 sec.

4. Stepups using a chair or bench 4×10 (each leg)

  • Superset with Skater Lunge with 3 pulses 4×10 (each side)

5. Sumo Squat (legs wide and lower straight down) 4×25

  • Superset with Glute-Hamstring Bridge 4×15

6. Plank Hold 4×60 sec.

6. Mountain Climber 4×20 (each leg)

8. Upper Crunch 4×50

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By Cat Perry