Everyone knows that sticking with a workout program isn’t always easy, but no one knows it better than fitness influencers, whose sleek physiques and workout tips inspire countless social media users to make changes in their own lives and get fitter. Despite life’s inevitable ups and downs, these fit women have managed to stick with it and inspire millions thanks to their efforts in the kitchen and the gym.

1. Keep it Realistic



Best Advice: “Set micro goals, or small goals that help you reach larger ones. Your ‘big goal’ might be to lose 25 pounds, but it’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t see results right away. Micro goals allow you to have monthly, weekly, or even daily goals to celebrate along the way. Think: working out 20 minutes each day, drinking more water, taking more steps, or ditching added sugar. When you are able to reach these goals each week, it gives you serious motivation to keep going.

2. Know What You’re Getting Into



Best Advice: “Be prepared. Anyone starting a new workout plan needs to have a clear understanding of what they will be doing and when they will be doing it. Set a weekly workout schedule and stick to it. Study the exercises, watch videos, or ask others if you need help. There are far too many people guessing their way through a workout, which typically ends in them giving up. Lastly, give it time! You have to work for your results; they will not happen overnight. Work hard, stick to your routine of eating healthy and regular exercise, and trust that in time you will get stronger and have results.”

3. Stick to a Program



Best Advice: “Follow a program. I spent many years in the gym without understanding what it meant to strength train. Sure, I had followed some online workouts and mimicked what some of the trainers were doing with their clients, but I didn’t have a plan. A set training program, whether it’s for 21 days or six weeks, is an immediate way to stay accountable and keep your goals right in your face. From Day 1, take pictures and measurements and print out a calendar with your workouts already scheduled in. Schedule in rest days, and if you miss a day, get right back on it. Four days a week of strength training is a perfect place to start, adding in cardio like HIIT, sprints, or a spin class in between those days or after your lifting.”

4. Don’t Go Too Hard



Best Advice: “Don’t overdo it! Too many people start out too hard and too fast, and they burn out quickly. The goal is to make healthy living a part of your lifestyle, so you need to do it in a way that is maintainable. Choose a workout routine that makes sense with your current lifestyle and activity level.”


5. Ease Into It



Best Advice: “Ease into it. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or returning after a long break, you will feel sore and tired if you follow a plan that is too rigorous. Beginner workouts are often so brutal that they discourage you from continuing. Follow a beginner-friendly plan that grows more challenging to help you keep progressing toward your goals.”

6. Stay Consistent



Best Advice: “Stay consistent. Fitness is a journey, and you will have both good and bad days. Use each workout as a learning experience and a chance to see how far you can push yourself, but be aware of what you need to work on. Track your progress and enjoy all your favorite exercises, but be diligent on the ones you may want to avoid. Each time you step into the gym you are improving