Sleep plays a critical role in immune functionmetabolism, memory, learning, and other vital functions, according to Harvard researchers. For bodybuilders, getting adequate sleep is essential to repairing tissue and growing muscle. These six sleep secrets will help get you better shut-eye and maximum results.

Go Dark

Make sure the lights are turned all the way down, including LED lights from electronics to promote the production of sleep hormone melatonin. Even the smallest light can keep your body awake and unable to unwind when you want it to.

Put Your Toys Away

National Sleep Foundation study showed that people who use their personal electronics within an hour before bed experienced more problems with sleep. If you tend to wake up tired, consider tuning out and shutting down your TV, computer, and Instagram feed an hour before hitting the hay.


Take the edge off your day with a simple breathing practice. Meditation can help you tame your racing thoughts by getting you back into your body for a relaxing night’s sleep.

Update Your Sleep Essentials

Is your mattress worn down? Are you still sleeping on the same sheets from a year ago? It might be time to treat yourself to new sleep gear to make that face-hitting-the-pillow moment something to look forward to. If you need more help improving your sleep experience, consider going to bedding specialists, where trained staff can help you best select pillows, sheets, and a mattress with the feel and design that fits your sleeping style.

Wake Up Easy

If you dread the alarm clock or use the snooze button as a lifeline, set two alarms instead of one. Wake up with the first alarm and set the second one for 15 to 20 minutes later. This will allow you to have a peaceful, stress-free morning without having to do mental math to see how many more times you can hit snooze.

Get Your Hard Eight

A minimum of eight hours sleep gives your brain adequate time to learn and memorize new skills. A full serving of sleep can help your body de-stress, decompress, process the day’s events, and wake up feeling ready to tackle a new day.