You’re a busy woman. You balance your career, workouts, bar time with your besties, and snuggle time with your sweetie. So you know that there are nights when you have to choose between him and the gym. Well, no more, because you can actually work out in bed if you choose the right moves.

That’s right: You can get fit while you’re gettin’ some.

But there’s a tradeoff—no more comfy missionary position. In fact, doggy style is off the table, too. If you want to build strength and burn calories in bed, you’ve got to up your game and try these hot sex positions that totally double as a workout.

1. The Wheelbarrow, aka The Plow

The position: You’ve got your hands or elbows on the floor, bed or countertop holding your weight (similar to a plank position). He is standing behind, you holding your legs in his hands.

The workout: Even though he is doing all of the moving, your arms and abs are getting a great workout. Holding your body weight in this position requires serious upper body strength and core stability. And he’s getting a workout too. His forearms, glutes and abs have to stabilize while he moves.

See position: The Plow

2. The Armchair

The position: You’re both seated facing each other on a bed, chair, or on the floor. You’re on his lap with your legs extended up and over his shoulders. His legs are wrapped beneath you.

The workout: Say hello to a sexy six-pack in this position. In order to hold yourself up, you’ve got to use your abs and contract your core. But the payoff is worth it. If his hands don’t have to support you, then they are free to satisfy your needs in other areas.

See position: The Armchair

3. The Arc, aka The Arch

The position: Start by kneeling in front of him. Then lean back, bending at the knees, until your back is supported by the bed. He can move on top of you while your thighs are stretched. If your thighs are too tight to lean back, then place your feet on the floor bed so that when you lean back you are in a bridge position.

The workout:  If your quads are tight from a tough leg day, this is the position you want to enjoy. Your hip flexors will stretch and lengthen when you lean back. But be careful. Communication is key while you’re in the arch. If he puts too much weight on top of you, you may get more of a stretch than you want.

See position: The Arc

4. Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl

The position: He’s on his back and you’re saddled up on top of him resting on your knees or your feet.

The workout: If you didn’t have a chance to do your cardio at the gym, then this is the position for you. You’ll be doing all the work, moving up and down on top of him while he enjoys the view. But the payoff is that you’ll burn calories while you tighten your quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

See position: Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl

5. The Mill Vanes

The position: You’re on your back with your legs on the outside. He is in a plank position facing in the opposite direction with his legs on the inside of yours. Your legs are intertwined so that you connect in the middle.

The workout: You get a break in this position. But he has to contract his core to hold his body weight in plank. This workout is all his – unless you reverse roles and take the inside spot.

See position: The Mill Vanes

6. The Total Hug

The position: This is the position that you often see in movies. He’s standing and supporting your total body weight while you hug him with your legs off the ground.

The workout: This position seems like it would only be a workout for him, but it’s really a workout for you too. Not only do your arms have to stabilize your body weight and hold on to his chest, but your inner thighs (hello, adductors!) have to squeeze his body so you don’t slide down. This one is a mega calorie burner for both of you.

See position: The Total Hug