There’s one thing nearly all of us have in common: we’ve made a New Year’s resolution at some point in our lives. Another commonality? We didn’t stick to it.

We turned to Chicago-based personal trainer, weight loss guru and author, Michael Moody, for advice on sticking to the most common (and most difficult) resolutions. His inspirational health and fitness book, Redefine Yourself: The Simple Guide to Happiness and his ten-years of experience will help guide you and, well, redefine yourself.

Resolution 1: Get in Shape

The most common misconception about getting in shape is the primary importance of fitness.  While fitness plays a pivotal role in your strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, and cardio endurance, it still relies heavily on your nutrition.  Without the proper nutrition for your body type, you will not have the energy or building blocks to sculpt the healthy body you want. Any nutritional deficit or inflammation will certainly affect your ability to get in shape, live to 100, or reduce injury.