Partner Plyo Leg Switch

Works: Core, legs; warmup move

  • Stand with partners facing each other, grasping each other’s forearms.
  • Both partners lunge right leg back, bending knees 90 degrees.
  • Jump up, switching legs midair, landing with right leg forward and left leg back. Keep holding on to arms as you jump. Do 50 jumps total (25 each leg).
KettleBell Throwdown

Works: Core, hips

  • Stand a few feet apart, facing each other, with Partner B (right) holding a kettlebell in front of legs, arms extended and knees slightly bent, feet hip-distance apart. Partner A (left) keeps hands in front of chest, elbows bent, palms down.
  • Partner B performs a kettlebell swing as Partner A intercepts the weight at about sternum height. Partner A then pushes
  • back on the kettlebell, pushing it toward the floor to add resistance. Do two sets of 20 swings per partner.

Tip: Hoist the kettlebell upward using hips and core, not legs and shoulders.

Roundhouse Curl and Raise

Works: Shoulders, arms, legs

  • Start with partners facing each other, feet slightly wider than hip width, and both partners holding dumbbells. (Partner A, left, holds heavier weights than Partner B, right.)
  • Partner A squats down, lowering weights toward the floor as Partner B performs a roundhouse kick with right leg over Partner A’s head, keeping arms extended toward floor.
  • As Partner A stands up, she performs a biceps curl. When Partner B finishes kick, she immediately moves into a squat while raising both weights forward to shoulder height.
  • Do two rounds of each movement with Partner B alternating legs for 20 reps.
Bar Fight

Works: Entire body isometrically

  • Stand facing each other, holding a body bar together at chest height.
  • Both partners step right foot back, keeping feet staggered.
  • Pressing into the bar, try to force your partner to step back. Hold for one minute; repeat for a total of two sets.
Deadlift with Pushup

Works: Shoulders, chest, core, hamstrings

  • Start with Partner B (right) standing and Partner A (left) on the floor in a full plank position, with Partner B holding her ankles.
  • Partner B performs a deadlift while Partner A simultaneously does a pushup. Perform two sets of 20 reps, switching positions with each set.

Tip: Keeping your entire abdominal area engaged will help you maintain form during the pushup phase of this move.

Rise and Pike

Works: Shoulders, chest, abdominals

  • Partner B (bottom) starts by lying faceup on the floor, arms extended above shoulders. Partner A (top) gets into position by grasping Partner B’s ankles, arms extended as Partner B grasps A’s ankles.
  • Partner B sits up as Partner A performs a pike, bending at hips to form an upside-down L while keeping abs fully engaged.
  • Partner B lies back down on the floor, with both partners coming back to start position. Do two sets of 10 slow movements for each partner.
Bridge Dip

Works: Arms, core, glutes

  • Partner B (bottom) starts on floor, knees bent and feet shoulder-width apart. Lift hips off floor into a bridge position, forming a straight line from knees to shoulders. Partner A (top) places hands on Partner B’s legs, with knees bent 90 degrees and heels under knees.
  • Partner B lowers hips without touching floor as Partner A bends elbows 90 degrees (shown).
  • As Partner B pulses up, Partner A straightens arms. Do two sets of 20 reps, switching positions with each set.
Partner Tree

Works: Balance and stability

  • Stand side by side, balancing on inside legs. Lift inside arms so that palms are touching over shoulders.
  • Both partners bend outside knees, placing foot on inner thigh above the knee. Bring palms of outside hands together. Hold here for up to one minute, breathing evenly and pushing lightly against each other for support.