Reducing body fat requires not just cutting calories; you have to burn stored fat instead of muscle tissue, too. Our bodies like to hold on to fat, saving it up as insurance against potential starvation. But supplements can help coax your body into withdrawing from this savings account instead, sparing muscle and extending the time your meals keep you feeling full. And, as anyone who’s dieted knows, other concerns also arise when you cut calories: You have less energy to perform your workouts and often feel depleted (not to mention cranky).

Outsmart your hunger, boost energy, and ramp up fat burn with a few key ingredients.
1. Burn Through Your Fat Stores
Often, you need to turn to supplemental support to encourage your body to release more stored fat when you’re in a calorie deficit. The fruit Garcinia mangostana contains hydroxy citric acid (HCA), which spurs the release of body fat from storage to help fuel workouts.Raspberry ketones also encourage your body to release stored fat, and support a higher metabolism so you burn even more fat. And carnitine helps carry body fat released from storage into the mitochondria of cells, where it can then be burned as energy to fuel workouts. Together, these supplements unpack fat, boost the calories you burn, and allow you to use released body fat as energy during intense training.

2. Diet Without Hunger
When you’re cutting calories, you may make it through your workouts without giving in to your cravings, but by day’s end, your willpower is at its lowest and you’re more likely to go off course. Garcinia cambogia (the better-known cousin of Garcinia mangostana) helps to suppress appetite, so you’re not suffering from hunger pains throughout the day. Satiereal saffron extract showed a decrease in snacking, reduced calorie intake, and increased satiety when subjects supplemented it for eight weeks. L-Tyrosine, an amino acid, enhances mood, energy, and fat-loss. Together, these three can help reduce appetite so you succeed on your calorie-reduction plan.

3. Knock Out Fat Loss
Slim Science Thermogenic and Slim Science Appetite Suppressant were created with these key ingredients to help you ramp up your fat burn without falling prey to cravings. The Thermogenic supplement features Garcinia mangostana, carnitine, and raspberry ketones, plus vitamins B and C, to help you burn fat over muscle. The Appetite Suppressant is formulated with Garcinia cambogia as part of its Super CitriMax blend, plus Satiereal saffron extract, tyrosine, and other ingredients. Stack them before each meal, taking three one-capsule dosages each day.