If you’re looking for a hardcore workout. to tone your legs up, look no further than this higher-rep routine that’s sure to leave you feeling sore the next day.

“The routine is structured to pre-exhaust the leg muscles,” says Tim Gardner, fitness coach and IFBB Pro League judge. “We start out targeting the quads, then transfer to the hamstrings, and back to the quads, adding in some glute isolation. We build up to higher-rep finishing sets, which is ideal for complete toning.”


Leg Press: Sit in a leg press machine and press the sled with feet at shoulder width.
(4 x 10, 10, 15, 25)

Straight-Leg Deadlift: Hold a loaded barbell and hinge at hips until bar is at midshin level.
(3 x 10, 15, 25)

Butt Blaster: Get on hands and knees. Kick one leg straight up, bent at 90 degrees.
(4 x 25)

Narrow and Wide Smith Machine Half-Squat: Using a Smith machine, squat down, but only halfway, keeping constant tension on legs.
(3 x 10, 15, 25)

Leg Curl: Curl the pad of a leg curl machine to butt by  exing hamstrings.
(3 x 10, 15, 25)

Single-Leg Curl: Same move as before, but use one leg at a time.
(3 x 10, 15, 25)

Barbell Hip Raise: Place shoulder blades on a bench and a barbell on your lap. Plant feet on floor and thrust up.
(4 x 50)