Learn how to get the most out of your gym time with two sizzling metabolic workouts from IFBB Bikini Pros.


“I use my glute workout as a high-intensity interval training circuit, which keeps my heart rate up and burns the most amount of calories in the least amount of time. Go all out for each exercise, then take one minute to recover between each move. Since there’s no equipment required, you can do it anywhere!”

Glute HIIT Routine

1. Box Jump (3 x  30 REPS)

>Focus more on high-intensity cardio burn and less on height. Drop into a low squat each time you land on the step; use two to three risers on each side.

2. Split Squat Jump (3 x 20 REPS)

>Turn your step the long way and stand at the middle; jump down to straddle the step, landing in a squat. Do a double pulse at the bottom of the squat and jump back up to starting position.

3. Lateral Squat Shuffle (3 x 20 REPS PER SIDE)

>Stand to the side of the step with right foot on top of it. Jump to the right, landing with left foot on the step and right foot on the floor. Continue jumping back and forth.

4. Skater (3 X 20 REPS PER SIDE)

5. Frog Jump (3 X 20 REPS)


“This is my go-to workout when I’m limited on time or equipment. It hits all the major muscle groups, and since I do it as a circuit, keeping the rest periods short, my heart rate stays elevated. I try to finish with some HIIT cardio, and within one hour I am drenched in sweat but totally energized!”

Warmup (2 rounds)

Mini Band Side Step (15 steps per side)

Up-Down Plank (10 reps)

Circuit 1

Do each move in circuit for 45–60 seconds. Do three rounds total; rest 1 minute between each round.

>Dumbbell Sumo Squat

>Knee Crunch

>Plyo Jump Squat

Circut 2

>Walk Out (Last Rep 5 Pushups)

>Banded Glute Kickback

>Lateral Raise with Front-Raise Combo

Circuit 3

>Biceps Curl To Shoulder Press

>Banded Hip Thruster

>Plyo Reverse Lunge


20 Minute Treadmill HIIT (30 SEC. FAST/30 SLOW)