THE HEALTH BENEFITS of a hot, satisfying cup of coffee are founded. From promoting mental sharpness to weight loss, caffeine does a body good.

But the question begs: Is there a difference between light and dark roast? Does one have a greater nutrient profile than the other?

Turns out there is a difference, in both taste and benefits.

Darker blends spend more time roasting, and most closely resemble espresso in taste.

Lighter roasts, on the other hand, are usually lighter in color, and are more acidic. Both versions of coffee yield individual benefits. Here are the most noteworthy:

1. For weight loss: dark roast

Dark roast drinkers shed more bodyweight than light roast drinkers at the end of a four-week study, published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research.

2.  For less inflammation: light roast

Light roast contains more chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant that lowers inflammation, per research from the National Coffee Association.

3.  For a better buzz: either

The energy-boosting compound doesn’t fluctuate much from either roast, so it comes down to preference, according to research from the Journal of Medicinal Food.

by Men’s Fitness Editors