No one can argue the many health benefits that vegetables have to offer. However, when it comes to their taste, it’s not always a unanimous decision on the side of delicious.

Since man first started harvesting natures healthiest foods, he’s been looking for ways to make the veggie more palatable to the palate. And thanks to great-tasting vegetarian recipes, and meal enhancing seasonings, millions of people are more able to enjoy scarfing down a healthy side of veggies on their dinner plate.

But is there any other way to make these colorful edibles more appealing to those who may be adverse to their presence? Yes! And it doesn’t take a single ingredient or second of prep time. It’s really just a matter of how we perceive these foods.

According to a Stanford University study, 25 percent was the amount of increased consumption of cooked vegetables after they were labeled with adjectives like dynamite or sizzling. The takeaway? Don’t think of it as broccoli. Think of it as dynamite broccoli.