If your fat-loss goals have begun to stall, take heart: You can reset the clock and power up your results by rebooting your workouts and making sure you have the nutrition and supplement support necessary to achieve your desired changes.

Bust a plateau in your workouts by switching up your exercises. (Try doing a rowing workout instead of a run, or add some metabolic finishers at the end of a strength day.) Examine your diet to weed out processed fare, and focus on clean foods to fuel your workouts. And finally, look for thermogenic supplement ingredients like the ones here, all of which can help keep your energy levels high while maximizing your body’s natural fat-burning abilities.


When it comes to quality fat-burning supplements, caffeine is often one of the first ingredients listed on the label. First and foremost, caffeine acts as a thermogenic—triggering metabolic stimulation and increasing energy expenditure to kick-start the fat-burning process. Second, caffeine provides the extra performance boost you need during a caloric deficit. A study on high-intensity runners showed that caffeine helped runners finish 1,500 meters on a treadmill in less time than when they did not take the caffeine supplement, while it also increased their initial burst of speed. Finally, caffeine has been shown to improve focus, which also serves as a much-needed boost when you’re on a low-calorie diet plan.


Alpha-lipoic acid is an essential omega-3 fatty acid responsible for energy metabolism. When taken as a supplement it helps speed up metabolism, allowing the body to burn fat at a quicker rate than usual. ALA also works as an antioxidant and helps inhibit the damage caused by oxidation, in which regular bodily processes and environmental factors cause damage to cells.


C. canephora robusta is an extract from unroasted coffee beans. Before beans undergo roasting they contain higher levels of chlorogenic acid, one of the primary metabolism-boosting components of coffee. Research shows this extract from the unroasted beans can provide significant weight-loss benefits.


Yohimbe bark extract comes from the bark of the yohimbe tree and can be found in many weight-loss supplements and medications. Its extract is a key ingredient for weight loss. One study found women who took yohimbe as a supplement lost on average three pounds more than a placebo group lost in the same time frame.


Chicory extract, drawn from the chicory plant, contains a fiber called oligofructose, which may significantly help control appetite and promote weight loss. That feeling of fullness can be especially key on days when you’re trying to lose fat by cutting back on your portion sizes and overall calorie intake.


Black caraway extract is found in many places in the medical and supplement world, and has been shown to help boost weight-loss efforts. One Indonesian study found that subjects lost significant body weight and waist circumference during a three-month period when taking the extract as a supplement.