Workout by: Jules Benson, TRX Master Instructor

Start with Round 1, take 20 sec. or less between each exercise, then repeat Round 1 again. Move straight into Round 2 with the same intervals.


  • TRX Hamstring Curl 30 sec.
  • TRX Single Leg Squat 30 sec. (each leg)
  • TRX Hip Press 30 sec.
  • TRX Crossing Balance Lunge Hold handles at chest height, elbows bent; perform a curtsy squat with right foot behind your left, keeping the right foot off the floor; do 30 sec. each leg.
  • TRX Squat Jump 30 sec.
  • Repeat Round 1


  • TRX Single Arm Chest Press 30 sec. (each arm)
  • TRX Power Pull Hold both handles with left hand. Use right hand to reach up to TRX anchor, pressing shoulders down. Rotate free arm in a circle toward floor while¬†straightening left arm, keep hips square. Drive left elbow straight back while rotating free arm up toward anchor, pulling body up; do 30 sec. (each arm).
  • TRX Triceps Press 30 sec.
  • TRX Biceps Curl 30 sec.
  • TRX Mountain Climber 30 sec.
  • Repeat Round 2