Workout by: Lucy Stubler

Do 10 reps per movement; as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 min.; take as little rest as possible between movements.

  1. Incline plank row to kickback: Start with 1 heavy dumbbell in your right hand, and left hand resting on box. Row dumbbell and perform a triceps kickback before lowering.
  2. Single-leg box squat 
  3. Kneeling curl to press: From half-kneeling position on right knee, hold 1 heavy dumbbell in right hand. Perform curl, then do an overhead press.
  4. Lateral lunge to reverse lunge: Complete 10 on right then switch to left.
  5. Blastoff pushup: From top of plank, shift weight back so knees move toward the floor but hover just above it, keeping arms extended. Inhale and then in one fluid motion, shift forward and drop into a low pushup; use your exhale to push back into a high plank.