This time of the year can be brutal on one’s head of hair. Choosing the right styling strategies and hair care products can help ward off the negative effects of the harsh winter season.

Here are 5 common seasonal problems, along with the hair care strategies and products to help alleviate them.

1. Problem: Dry Itchy Scalp

“Look for a shampoo designed for sensitive skin,” Fugate says. “It gives your hair a light feel, without weighing it down. You can also pair with a lightweight hair mask.” Steer clear of products with harsh ingredients and avoid over-washing; natural oils soothe the scalp.

2. Problem: Heat Damage

Who wants to go outside in the cold with a wet head of hair? But all that blow-drying has its drawbacks. Minimize damage by applying a heat protectant first.

3. Problem: Lackluster Hair

“Harsh winter weather, coupled with dry heat indoors, can exacerbate dull hair,” Skjoth says. At-home treatments designed specifically for your hair type can bring it back to life.

4. Problem: Hat Head

“Scarves and hats can rough up the cuticle, so be mindful of your hair before putting it under a hat; try styling it in little buns and rolls to keep it fresh underneath hats,” Fugate says. “Using oils to add a little slippery barrier can also help.”

5. Problem: Split Ends

“Women are prone to split ends during winter because of loss of moisture,” Kogan says. “Dry air and indoor heating, combined with heat styling, can contribute to dry and brittle hair. Avoid split ends by conditioning to keep moisture in the hair.”