Eating an apple a day may be the secret to staying healthy, as the old saying goes. But eggs might be even better.

Yes, the humble egg is tied to a lower risk of heart disease, new research suggests. Specifically, people who eat about one egg every day may significantly lower their risk of heart attack and stroke, according to a Chinese study.

While eggs have always been a go-to food for bodybuilders, they’re only now getting the recognition they deserve. After years of vilifying eggs for their cholesterol content, nutrition science has reversed its position, finding that the cholesterol and fat in eggs doesn’t appreciably affect a person’s cholesterol levels or body fat. Eggs, scientists now agree, are great.

In this study, researchers studied the egg-eating habits of 461,213 people aged 30-70 (average age: 51) with no history of heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. Among the participants, about 13% ate an egg a day, and around 9% didn’t eat eggs at all.