Prep time 5min
Cooking time 10min
Servings 2

400g Fillet medallions
1 tbsp Olive oil
2g Salt
Ground black pepper

For the sauce:
1 tbsp Olive Oil
150ml Unsweetened Almond milk
120g Almond butter
3 tbsp raw honey
2 heaped teaspoon Cacao (preferably Raw Cacao)
Pinch of salt
1 tsp caramel essence
1 chopped up fresh red chilli- remove the pips
1 tsp balsamic vinegar

Seal the fillet with olive oil and season with salt and ground black pepper, cook to preference.

For the sauce:
Prepare a small size pan with non-stick spray
Add all the ingredients to the pan starting with the olive oil, almond milk, almond butter and then the rest.
Keep stirring till desired thickness
Pour over meat and garnish with fresh thyme
Serve immediately

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