We asked IFBB Pro Ana Delia De Iturrondo and pro hair and for her best advice for how you can pull off a locker room va-voom.


“I use a restorative Moroccan oil hair mask every week. Every two week I do a hot oil treatment with a mix of equal parts coconut and olive oil: I warm oil in the microwave, apply to damp hair, put on a shower cap, and let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with shampoo and conditioner.” Always in her gym bag or purse: dry shampoo to keep her hair looking fresh between washes and to add instant volume. “I look for shampoos and conditioners for deep moisture colored hair and antifr. I use leave-in conditioner after shampooing to detangle and protect from styling tools.” For the beachy look: “I apply a cream leave-in treatment until hair is a bit damp and then tie in a loose braid, let it dry, the undo braid for natural beach waves. Then I’ll apply a few drops of oil treatment.”

No-Fuss Updo: “Tying my hair up in a bum while training helps keep it fresh between washes and easier to style after exercise. Other favorite looks: “With a hair dryer I dry my sculpt with my head upside down and tie hair into a loose braid.Or after my hair dries, I tie my hair up like in an I Love Genie style then divide hair in four to six big chunks then curl each section with a 1-inch curling iron wand. Then I take off the hair tie and voila!”