Lights, camera, action! With this sleek new collection, Swatch BIJOUX have transformed

everyday jewelry into riveting works of wearable art.

Swatch Bijoux feature practical – and practically breathtaking – day-to-day accessories. These

contemporary rings, earrings, and necklaces come not just in standard incarnations, but in

unusual half-hoop and wraparound lariat designs. The building blocks for this eye-catching

collection are metallic cylinders of stainless steel coated with shiny silver or rosé gold-colored

finishes – each reminiscent of a tiny spotlight. Swatch’s partnership with Swarovski ensures each

brilliant piece is adorned with a sparkling crystal ranging from original transparent to dazzling

light pink and sapphire blue.

Adding an aura of refined yet casual elegance has never been easier than with Swatch Bijoux.

Easy to combine and easy to wear, they are the perfect companion to a Swatch on the wrist,

whether it’s for a daily or a once-in-a-lifetime affair.