“We all want that inner-thigh area to appear tight, firm, and toned. But there’s not one specific exercise that can do the job—you have to target all the muscles emphasized in the area. Here are four exercises I perform to target the inner thigh while also shaping the rest of my legs.”

1) Barbell Squat

 Stand with heels on top of 5-pound plates placed on the floor. Place barbell across upper back. Keeping chest up and back neutral, drive knees outward as you move hips down. Hold 2 counts, then stand up. (4×12)
2) Seated Leg Extension

Exhale while slowly extending legs, feet flexed, squeezing quads at top of movement. Hold 1 count; slowly lower weight as you inhale. (4×12)

3) Seated Leg Press

Place feet  on platform, shoulder-width apart and turned out slightly. Exhaling, slowly lower load toward chest, bringing knees outward. Slowly press up through heels, squeezing quads, inner thighs, and glutes. (4×12)

4) Hack Squat

Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder distance, toes turned out. Bend knees into a deep squat. Hold 1 count, then push through heels to straighten legs. (4×12)

—Nicolle Mudafort, IFFBB Figure and Women’s Physique Pro; @IFFBBPro_Nicolle_Mudafort