Pilates works the entire length of your body in controlled movement patterns, making it perfect for pregnant women.

We asked Katie Mann, owner and operator of four Club Pilates studios in San Diego, for one of her favorite preggers Pilates moves. Here is her power pick:


This activates obliques and core muscles around the pelvis, improves hip-joint strength and symmetry, and ups side-glute (gluteus medius) activation.

How to do it: Lie on your side with arm outstretched to support head, legs extended straight, or bend the bottom knee for more support and stability. (Add an optional folded towel or lay side of belly on round-side-up BOSU ball.)

Do up to 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps of each move on one side.

  • Front leg kick: Inhale as you sweep top leg in front of body, maintaining alignment through spine and pelvis; exhale as you sweep leg behind body, squeezing glutes.
  • Leg circle: With top leg pointed and straight, draw a circle from the hip socket, inhaling as the leg circles to the front of the body and exhaling as the circle completes behind the body.
  • Bend and press: Bring knee to 90 degrees in front of pelvis as you inhale; squeeze the leg back to straight while squeezing the glutes at the final hip extension as you exhale.