Getting 7-9 hours of sleep are key.

Numerous studies show shorting yourself on sleep can impact not only your health but also your training. Harneet Walia, M.D., of the Sleep Disorders Center, Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, explains how getting seven to nine hours of shut-eye can help you live a happier, fitter life.

You’ll be less hungry.

When you lack snooze time, levels of the appetite-controlling hormone leptin decrease, while levels of the appetite-boosting hormone ghrelin rise.

You’ll recover faster

A good night’s sleep boosts growth hormones, which allows for regeneration of cells and muscle growth.

You’ll boost fat loss.

Too little sleep has been linked to an increase in the stress hormone cortisol, which may impact insulin resistance, a risk factor for obesity and diabetes.

You’ll enhance performance.

Studies show athletes who experience sleep loss report a reduction in sports-specific performance.

You’ll minimize the sniffles.

Some data say that chronic sleep deprivation is associated with immune system depression, says Walia. So people who sleep less may be more susceptible to the common cold.

You’ll want more sex

A recent study found that women who went to bed earlier were more likely to be in the mood for sex the following day than women who were sleep deprived.