Alicia Vikander may be one of Hollywood’s most stunning and talented actresses, but based off of her intense Tomb Raider workout regimen, she’s also a hardcore athlete.

To get into peak physical shape for the role of Lara Croft for this year’s reboot of the 2001 film starring Angelina Jolie, Vikander underwent a seven-month training program, according to a new report from USA Today. With some help from Magnus Lygdback, a health and wellness trainer, the Ex Machina actress stacked on 12lbs of muscle to her naturally petite frame.

Exactly how did she do it? To get started, Lygdback had Vikander strength training, eating a ton, and only doing minimal cardio, according to the report.

But sculpting an action hero physique wasn’t the only aspect that Vikander had to get ready for filming—she also had to hold her own during the complicated fight scenes. So Lygdback incorporated no-nonsene MMA-style training into her routine, along with swimming and rock climbing. All in all, Vikander trained for about an hour a day six or seven times a week leading up to the shoot, and during filming would train as early as 4 a.m.—before she had to go to the makeup trailer.

As for her diet, Vikander stuck with balanced foods that contained tons of protein. “For breakfast? Three poached eggs. Lunch consisted of a fish or other protein, slow carbs like potatoes or quinoa, and vegetables,” according to USA Today. In-between meals, she’d turn to protein-rich snacks for a quick boost.

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