Question: Whenever I “flick” a kettlebell during snatches, it smacks the back of my wrist and really hurts! What’s the best way to avoid this?

Answer: “Timing is the key to perfecting the kettlebell snatch,” says Lorna Kleidman, a three-time world kettlebell champion, certified trainer, and founder of KettleX Fitness & Education. “Most likely, you’re either holding on to the handle of the kettlebell during the flip or slowing the bell down at the apex prior to the flip in an effort to control the weight.”

Both of these can lead to the weight of the bell slamming into your wrist. Instead, says Kleidman, try to redirect the momentum by loosening your grip and slipping your hand into the handle of the bell. At about the point it passes your head, shift the bell so it lands more gently on your forearm. “It takes a little practice, but once you get the technique, you’ll feel the difference!” she adds.