You may already be posting your #transformation photos and #training shots, but if you want to improve your diet, try uploading your latest lunch. A study out of the University of Washington found women who consistently shared what they ate on Instagram made healthier food decisions and felt more accountable about their nutrition habits. The users created separate profiles from their personal accounts and took photos of everything they ate. Those who met their weight-loss or fitness goals reported that remaining on Instagram—and helping mentor and encourage others—made it easier for them to keep up their desired behaviors.

It makes sense that posting photos helps you home in on your diet, notes Alissa Rumsey, R.D., who was not involved in the research. “It works similarly to a traditional written food journal—you see exactly how much you are eating, which can help you be mindful of your daily eating habits,” she says. One app that makes it easy to log your food photos in one place: Yummi (free; iOS and Android).