Workout By: Torch/Amped Instructor Lucy Stubler

Perform 10 reps of each move, doing as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 min.; take as little rest as possible between moves.

  1. Kneeling slam to pushup: Kneel with sandbell in hands; raise it overhead, then slam it onto floor while keeping torso upright. Bring hands to floor, pop feet back into plank, do one pushup, and drop back to knees; repeat.
  2. Rollup to triceps extension: Lie faceup with arms overhead and legs straight. Keeping legs on floor and arms straight, roll up so you are seated with sandbell overhead. Do a triceps extension, bending elbows, then straighten and roll back to floor.
  3. Lateral squat slam: Stand with sandbell overhead. Step out to right and sink into a low squat while slamming sandbell into the floor; pick sandbell back up and step right foot back into the center to meet left; repeat on left.
  4. Plank drag-through: Get in plank with sandbell on floor just outside left hand. Reach right hand under torso and grab edge of sandbell, sliding it to the outside of right hand; repeat on the left side.
  5. Good morning: Holding sandbell across shoulders, perform good morning. Return to standing.
  6. Rotation slam: Sitting on the floor, feet up, knees bent, and torso 45° to floor, rotate to right and slam sandbell to floor on the right side of your body; repeat on left.

by Cat Perry