This tight-on-time 20-minute workout is from Sean Light, strength trainer. Burn calories every minute with this full-body routine.

Do 30 sec. on, 10 sec. off, two times through each exercise:

  • Inchworms
  • Staggered Hands Pushup: Though hands are staggered in this move, keep your elbows in tight to your sides as you do the pushup. Alternate which hand is in front.
  • Chair Dip
  • Core Kicker: From a straight-arm plank, bring right knee up to right elbow, then kick your leg back out behind. Without letting your foot touch the floor, kick right leg out to the side. Bring your leg back into the start position and repeat on left side.
  • Gymnast Pushup: At bottom, rock forward on your toes, then rock back and push up to the start position, keeping elbows close to sides.
  • Hammer Biceps Curl with Fly Curl: After a hammer curl, turn your palms to face out and curl the dumbbells until elbows are just past 90 degrees.
  • Three Pushups to Three Hop-Ups: Do three pushups. Then hop your feet up to meet your hands, getting knees past elbows and then hop your feet back behind you; do this three times.
  • Rolling Abs: Lie on right hip, using right arm for support. Engaging obliques, pull knees in while lifting your upper body, touching your left elbow to your left knee. Lower your legs and upper body without letting them touch the floor, and roll onto left hip. Repeat.
  • V-up (shown above): Lie face up with arms overhead so your body forms a straight line. Sweep arms in an arc while curling up torso and hugging knees into chest. Straighten legs and repeat.