Ever go bra-less in a dress or romper only to find—to your horror—just how much sweat your bra really absorbs?

How frustrating it is to be in a hot-as-hell apartment, tucking your t-shirt under your boobs to absorb errant beads of sweat while you dry your hair or drink your morning coffee?

You anticipate boob sweat during workouts—hell, you even welcome it. But for everyday life, it’s a colossal pain.

Which is why Erin Robertson created Ta-Ta Towel. And, yes, it’s exactly what you’d expect.

After trying the semi-effective t-shirt-tuck-under method, dusting on baby powder, and shoving wash cloths under her breasts in an effort to get her sweating under control before a first date, Robertson describes on the website, she had a revelation.

“I wanted my ‘girls’ to be free!” she describes on the site, so she whipped out a sewing machine, fired up YouTube, destroyed some towels, and voilà! Boob hammock halter top.

Robertson handed the prototype out to friends who relished in the towel’s ability to keep their girls’ dry, eliminate irritation, and even alleviate breast-milking woes, like random leaks and sensitive nipples.