Everyone will tell you the same thing: The holidays are the worst time of year to try to stay in shape. However, it’s not all doom and gloom: If you commit to working out and watch your diet, you can get by unscathed.

We asked a number of Instagram stars for their go-to routines.


“I try to perform a short but intense HIIT workout early in the day. HIIT workouts also boost metabolism, so they are great to do around times we might be eating more of those holiday treats!”

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2. Shake it Up

“During the holidays I’m usually traveling to see family, signing on new clients with New Year’s resolutions, and frantically trying to prioritize my own training (if only to put those extra carbs to use!). I find that making small changes to my weekly split—like rearranging days or changing rep ranges—provides a new stimulus and a refreshing break.”

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3. Make it Work

“When I’m traveling for the holidays, I always have resistance bands in my luggage—they’re a great way to get in a workout if I’m stuck in a hotel or away from home.”

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4. Monday Motivation

“I make sure to never miss a workout on a Monday! When I start off with a good strength or cardio workout it sets the tone for a great week ahead.”

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. Run in the Sun

“My go-to workout to de-stress is running— whether it’s doing sprints, intervals, or a longer, steady-paced run—combined with lifting weights or taking a yoga class. I’ll try to do my run in the daylight, because the sunlight automatically boosts my mood, and getting some fresh air outside helps me relax.”

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6. Relax

“I recently started taking a yoga class once a week and use the sauna every other day. I also take a 15-minute Epsom salt bath with lavender oil once a week after leg day, which helps reduce my stressdramatically!”

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